Some of our dams are in "Guardian Homes".                

Is where they can get the one on one attention and still be a part of our breeding program. Once retired they are their forever family member.               We so appreciate these families making this commitment.

Iron Hill's Scrubbing In Girl CGC                        


Reminds us so much of her mother.  Same sweet, loving personality, who wants to be your best friend . Her full sibling is our amazing Angus, just as kind and sweet. Parents are MBISS Grand Ch. Paradors Delian's Scrubbing In "Scrubs" & Iron Hill's Red Haired Beauty Bless It Be Gloria CGC "Rufina".    

                                                            Iron Hill's Bright Valley "Kendall".                                         

                                                             Parents are CH. Thornwood's Snowman "Frosty", (who's resided at Dickendall Labradors in Texas for a year) & our special girl Iron Hill's Red Haired Beauty Bless It Be Gloria "Rufina". Krystal & Sheamus are her full siblings.  We love everything their mother has produced for us and excited to see some of the same with Kendall. 

Krystal's parents are CH. Thornwood's Snowman "Frosty", who stayed at Dickendall Labradors in Texas for over a year & our special girl Iron Hill's Red Haired Beauty Bless It Be Gloria "Rufina". We love everything their mother has produced for us!Krystal has an amazing outgoing personality, that melts your heart. Excited to see what she produces for us in the future! 

Krystal is in a guardian with the wonderful family. 

Holly's parents are our wonderful retired Iron Hill's Fire & Passion CGC "Ruby" & CH. Zinfindel's Dat Tripper To Anduin River "George". We are so excited to see what this lovely girl will produce with her amazing parents/pedigree. 

Grand CH. Waifs Fly Cabot To Torngat, CH. TABATHA'S Confection, Dutch/German/VDHMallorn's Aldebaran, Biss CH. Waif's High Flying Adored, CH. Dickendall's Davaron Gable, Boarders Moose, and Mtn. Meadow Black Wing Affair. 

She is in a guardian home with a wonderful family. 

                Keepsake Lucille


So in LOVE with this sweetheart. Huge thanks to Judy McCormick for allowing her to come be a part of our family.

We are super EXCITEd to see what she produces for us in the future. She has an amazing pedigree.

Her dam is Ch. Keepsake Lira and Sire Keepsake Ricky Ricardo. 

Wonderful older lines included in her pedigree are on Ch. Keepsake Cajun, Kellygreens Kardinal, Keepsakes I Love Lucy, Balrion Red Alert,  Keepsake's Brickhouse. Keepsake Tigerlily, Scrimshaw Placid Flamingo,  Keepsake Moolah, Ch. Guidelines MasterCard, Keepsake Driftn'Dickens, Guidelines Master Copy, Guidelines Mondi, Kellygreen Lady In Red, Keepsake Flair For Red, Srimshaw Placido Flamingo JH. 

      Keepsake Jo Jo

Excited to have this ;moving sweet girl as part of our family. Her sire is Keepsake Little Red Rooster ad Keepsake Scarlet Letter. Pedigree includes Boarders Moose, Ch. Keepsake Cajun, Kellygrens Kardinal, Balrion Red Alert, Keepsakes I Love Lucy, Scrimshaw Placido Flamingo, Keepsake Reba, Keepsake Brickhouse, Keepsake's Gullivers Travels, Ch. Hampshire's Am I Blue, Keepsake Great Ball Of Fire, Keepsake Boing, Kellygreens Crimson Tide ll. 

                Keepsake Katydid 


Excited to have this opportunity to add another Keepsake's BEAUTY. Huge thanks to Judy McCormick from Keepsake Labradors for allowing Katie to join our family. 

Katie's sire is the 3rd Fox Red male Champion in the history of Fox Reds. Lines include some amazing dogs, Ch. Keepsake Red Star Rising, Boarders Moose, Ch. Keepsake Cajun, Kellygreen Kardinal,  Keepsake I Love Lucy, Ch. Labels Wallstreet Journal, Keepsake's Brickhouse, Keepsake Gulliver Travels, Ch. Hyspire Darktown Strutter, Ch. Daintree's Slippery When Wet, Marshland Shimmer, Balrion Red Alert, Ch. Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall, Keepsake Drift'n Dickens, Keepsake Tigerlily, Ch. Kellygreen Amazing GraceGuidelines Monthly Review, Guidelines Copyright. 



Iron Hill's God Has Helped CGC



Azaira is such a sweet/gentle soul, who loves to cuddle. 

Pedigree includes Little River Redheaded Stranger, Oakdales Dunbar at Penara, CH. Aquarius Centercourt Delight JH & Boarders Moose

                                          Azaira is in a guardian home with a wonderful family.  


             Iron Hill's Moon Goddess                                                                                                      



Love this amazing girl! Her parents are our lovely retired girl Iron Hill's Red-haired Beauty Bless It Be To Gloria CGC "Rufina" & Keepsake Brickhouse "Brick". 

Pedigree include, Keepsake's Gullivars Travels, Keepsake's Tiger Lily, Scrimshaw Placid Flamingo, Kellygreen's Lady In Red, Keepsake's Drift'N Dickens, Rocky Roadtrip Purdy, Penara's Ferg-A-Licious.


Iron Hill's Greek Shining One Aglaia CGC

 Aglaia lines come from several wonderful dogs that have achieved great things, as well as her siblings.  Pedigree includes AM CH/UKC GRCH Dostaff's Black Tie Required, Ch. Man.Meadow Black Eye Affair, Biss Ch. Kai Den's Black Tie Affair Jh WC, Ch. Feather Downs Casual Affair, Ch. Pointed Litter River Red-haired Stranger, and Ch. Aquarius Centercourt Delight. Her sister Jill lives with Sarah & Todd Palin and  is a service/therapy dog for their son Trig. Her brothers Dean & Bucky, have completed their training with Puppy Jake Foundation are with their SERVICE VETERANS.  Just like her mother, she has already produced some wonderful offspring that will become service dogs for a needed veteran for Puppy Jake Foundation.

Iron Hill's Amazing Beauty 

CH. Pointed.



Her given name suits her well, as she is the kindest old soul. Never does anything wrong, just wants your love and is always ready to love you right back. Sire is Multi Biss Grand Ch. Shalimar's The Animator! Other well know dogs are, GCH Ch. Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive, Ch. Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable, Ch. Blackwater Nipntuck Cheerleader, GCH Ch. Figure Dafoz Herbu Zadora JH., GCH. Am/Can. Venetian's Copy That, Ch. Wood hull's Roger That. 


Iron Hill's Inquisitive Charm CGC           "Safira"

Such a kind and sweet soul,love everything about her. She has an amazing pedigree and outstanding temperament.

Pedigree includes, Tabatha lines, Dickendall, Windfall, & Keepsake. 


Safira is in a wonderful guardian home .


Iron Hill's Strong Spear "Gerty" 

Gerty reminds me so much of her mother. She has an amazing coat, bone structure,  who's always happy. Such a stunning, beauty girl inside and out. Her parents are Hershey and our Zeus, as well as half sister to Abigail and Hera. 

Gerty is in a guardian home with Heiken family. 

Her amazing parents re BISS CH. Wi's End Jacks Or Better At Blackwig & Iron Hill's Greek Shining One, CGC. 

Pedicure includes many champions BISS CH. Blacking Superfine, CH. Wit's End Vegas Showgirl, BISS Ch. Blacking Santee, Blacking Super Freak, CH. Rozzay Hunt Club Clayview Grady, Boss AM CH.Can CH UKC GRCH Dostaff's Black Tie Required, CGC, TDI, & CH. MTN. Meadow Black Eye Affair. 

Becca is in a wonderful guardian home


Iron Hill's Roman Goddess Of Love And Beauty CGC "Venus" 


Miss happy pants, always ready to give you a smile. She continues to produce some amazing puppies like her retired, wonderful mom Valrhona. 

 Venus comes from many lovely chocolates lines,  Am/Can Woodrull's Roger That, Ch. Wilber Leisure Suit Larry JH WC, Can Ch. Cedarwoods Almond Roca Divine, Ch.Woodhull's Frankly My Dear,  Ch. Caden's Coca- Mo Brute. 

Venus is in a wonderful guardian home. 

Iron Hill's Meaning Of Grace CGC "Rey" 

 Rey, is such a sweet/loving girl.  She is the daughter of our retired girl Valrhona (half sister to Venus) and Big Sky Gift From God At Iron Hill "Matthias". 

We are super excited to see what she produces.                        Pedigree includes  Am/Can Woodrull's Roger That, Ch. Wilber Leisure Suit Larry JH WC, Can Ch. Cedarwoods Almond Roca Divine, Ch.Woodhull's Frankly My Dear,   Ch. Caden's Coca-Mo Brute. 

 Big Sky's Peacekeeper, GCH Big Sky's Stone Kutter CH. Chablis Caid , CH Chablis Choclatine. 

 Rey is in a wonderful guardian home. 

Huge thanks to Jackie, Emily, and Carson for training and loving her. 


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Jill & me at Puppy Jake Fundraiser event.

Welcome to Iron Hill Retrievers!

Iron Hill Retrievers is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Eastern Iowa, close to Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We are a small breeder of English Type Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Breeding quality Labs in black, chocolate and yellow, ranging from light cream to fox red.  Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and care. 


At Iron Hill Retrievers, both our Labradors and our Goldens typically have a lovely strong head, a wide back skull and thick muzzle, well angulated shoulders and rears. Our Golden Retrievers are from European lines.

Most importantly, Iron Hill Retrievers possess true temperaments, very laid-back and gentle in the home, but love the outdoors and the opportunity to hunt if required. All breeding dogs have health clearances before being breed. Our Labs and Goldens have some of the best pedigrees in the Midwest.

Iron Hill Retrievers are members of our family and embraced by all the comforts of our home and family. Home of the "Heavenly Puppies"......

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

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