Why Iron Hill Retrievers?
As a responsible breeders, we take every possible measure to ensure that our dogs are carefully screened by our veterinarian prior to breeding, as well as genetic testing.  What sets us apart from most breeds, is we do HEART ECHO clearances on all our future males and females, which most breeders don't. Annual eye certification, & patella.   Here we may do prelims on many, but will always do finals after 2 , as recommended by OFA on hips/elbows.There are many breeders out there only doing PRELIMS, which could possible change. We are so excited to have several Excellent's in our lines, many Goods, well just a few Fairs. We do genetic testing through Paw Print Genetics, as well as DDC for both Labradors and Golden Retrievers.  

We love and bred all 3 colors of Labrador Retrievers, (Blacks, Chocolates, Yellows, ranging from lighter shade to FOX RED). Here we strive to improve them all, but trying to really improve the Fox Reds by breeding with Blacks and Yellow that have great genetics, coat, as well as amazing temperaments who have achieved high standards in the Labrador world.  

Extremely excited about our European Goldens lines, importing or using studs from overseas.

European lines have lesser risks of cancer, which is the #1 leading cause of death of these precious souls. Excited about our future plans here with some new lines coming soon. 

We are so PROUD of what are dogs have achieved, as well as what they continue to produce.

We strive to get some kind of title or certification on most of our dogs,  Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) or achieve AKC Title. Many of what we have produced have gone to become service dogs, therapy, and of course wonderful family champions. We have 1 Champion and hoping for many more. Here we strive to do things with our puppies/dogs, get them out into the community, not just breed. We've donated several times to organizations and to our community, its a pay it forward for what we are so BLESSED to be able to do in life that we so LOVE. 

Puppies are vet-checked, treated with one vaccination, and de-wormed a minimum of four times, microchip, 3 generation pedigree, Iron Hill Retriever blanket with mommies scent, offer a health guarantee of 26 month guarantee against genetic hip dysplasia and 12 month on catracts that will cause blindness.  From the first day born we do Early Neurological Simulation, then incorporate Rule Of 7 Stimulation daily, car rides, baths, as well as introduce them to the crate prior to being placed in their new homes. 

Our goal at Iron Hill Retrievers is to produce a well rounded puppy.  

Strongly suggest taking your puppy to basic obedience and can continue to advance classes at appropriate age after vaccinations are completed to continue socializing and help train your puppy to be the BEST they can be. 

Iron Hill is a responsible breeder, and as such we sell our puppies with AKC limited registration (receive papers after prove of being spayed/neutered) In our guarantee/contract it states to wait until puppies have reached at least 18 months on males/females, as well as after at least 1 heat cycle, possible 2. Research shows is best to wait,  as their bones don't finish growing/developing till after a later. Helps lesson hip dysplasia, incontinent and cancer. Feel anything we can do to increase their longevity is worth it, as there are just not here long enough.

Thanks for taking the time to research Iron Hill Retrievers.

We hope you find what your looking for with us, a " Heavenly PUPPY"!