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2014 Super Bowl ad to feature the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales and a puppy 

Wow, just found out that the puppies in this commercial are related to my dogs Aquarius, Barkley, & Dunbar is the father of my dogs, grandfather of these puppies.....PRETTY NEAT!!!! Dunbar, was bred by Joyce Watson Woods of Oakdale Labradors and lived with me for over a year!!!! Thought I would share, 



Iron Hill Retrievers donated Cami to be trained to do  great work at SMART school!!!!!

Canine classmate helps students at Smart

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Four-year-old Cami quietly walked up and down the aisles like a classroom monitor Wednesday in Vicki Heskett’s sixth-grade social studies class.

Occasionally, she paused for a pat on the head or other acknowledgement from students.

As Cameron White knelt in the aisle, Cami hopped up, gave him a hug and placed a fuzzy paw on top of the boy’s head.

Cami, a cream-colored English Lab, is the school’s newest classmate to be on-hand, or rather on-paw, to help students who need her.

Whether she helps students calm down or rewards them for a job well done, Cami has fast become a special member of the Smart family.

“The kids are very used to her,” Heskett said. “They actually miss her when she’s gone. Sometimes, when she’s not here, the students say that I should give her detention.”

Cami has been at Smart since August and lives with Principal Kamie Swanson.

The name of the dog is just a coincidence, Swanson said.

Having a therapy dog is something school staff has wanted for several years, Swanson said.

“We have so many of these kids, especially at this age, that are going through different things or going through something at home, and they just need time to come in for five minutes and have something that relaxes them,” Swanson said.

Earlier this year, Swanson said Cami, who had been trained to work with abused children, was available for adoption at the Quad-Cities Canine Assistance Network.

The agency provides intensive, specialized training for therapy and service dogs.

Money raised from a trivia night in May helped fund the more than $3,000 cost for Cami, Swanson said.

Every day, Cami works with Smart's behavioral awareness classes. Teachers throughout the school also can sign up to have Cami, Swanson said.

Students can earn Eagle Bucks that can be cashed in for special privileges. A lot of kids are cashing in their bucks to have lunch or walk Cami, Swanson said.

Dylan Badtra, 12, said Cami helps motivate him to do well in school.

“If we do good, we might get to have her for a class or something like that,” he said.

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Honey & Linda
Honey & Linda

Iron Hill's Honey and Linda Taylor getting ready to do what they do best, visit schools and hospitals!!!!


So Proud to be able to donate to the QC CAN/ Viking Pup Group!




Iron Hill's Honey received her therapy dog certification at the age of one.
She visits schools, hospitals, and community organizations.
Honey has logged over 40 hours visiting the hospital this year and will soon also receive
her therapy dog designation from AKC.
She especially loves to hear children read.
Great job Linda Taylor & Honey!!!

Viking Pups on Paula Sands Live

Viking Pups group trains therapy dogs on campus

PSL video from August 27, 2012 with Dr. Matt and Wrigley, talking about Safe Toys. Wrigley ignored all of the toys and just wanted to chew on Dr. Matt's coat zipper! — with Faith Nelson and Matt Nelson at Kwqc-Tv 6.


Sammi, Cami/Dunbar Girl
Sammi, Cami/Dunbar Girl

Here is a few picture of our recent graduate! Sammi passed her CGC test on September 5 at 7 months of age! She is a pretty smart cookie!! So proud of her!

Thanks again, Chris, for the wonderful start you have given our pup!

Harry son
Harry son

http://www.kwqc.com/category/231919/video-landing-page?clipId=7663156&autostart=trueViking Pups were featured at about 12:30 in the newscast, its short and sweet, but at least its something :)

The Pups have another interview scheduled for Friday!

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Carson a Lilly/Harry Boy
Carson a Lilly/Harry Boy

This is Iron Hill's Carson, a Lilly/Harry puppy who lives in Clinton, IA with Deb and Randy Roe. He passed his AKC Good Citizenship Award at 4 1/2 months. Congratulations to Deb and Carson!!!!!!!!!!

Harry boys
Harry boys

Oden and Tucker passed the full Canine Good Citizenship Test tonight at just 7 months!! So proud of our boys!!!

Wrigley a Max & Lilly boy
Wrigley a Max & Lilly boy

Dr. Matt Nelson from Maple Ridge Veterinary Clinic, P.C in Geneseo, IL. will be on Paula Sands Live today at 3pm on KWQC HD 6 to discuss "Safe Toys for Your Pet". His new puppy, Wrigley (from Iron Hill Retrievers a Max & Lilly puppy), will also make his television debut, so don't miss it!

Wrigley & Max
Wrigley & Max
Full Disclosure, the puppy in the picture we posted Friday is the newest addition to Dr. Matt's family. Everybody, meet Wrigley! He is spoiled beyond belief already! He's with his dad, Max, in the picture, and they're both from Iron Hill Retrievers in Maquoketa, IA.