Labrador Testimonials

Khloe, a Gwen & Quinn daughter as she has grows

After losing our beloved yellow lab Chevy last August at a fairly young age related to multiple hereditary illnesses we decided to do some research before adding our next addition to our family. We began looking online and calling different breeders inquiring about blood lines and available puppies or upcoming litters. What I was finding was that most breeders were not expecting any puppies at the time we were looking which was in late August, early September. Then one day I was checking my email and I noticed an email from a good friend of my husband stating that he had a niece that works with and helps train service dogs and that she highly recommended Iron Hill Retrievers as an excellent, responsible breeder. I called Chris right away and fate would have it she not only had available puppies but they were also born just a week before on my birthday! I knew after my initial conversation with Chris that she was an excellent breeder that does what she does out of love for her animals and to pass that love on to other families by means of a wonderful companion. Over the next 7 weeks Chris would email pictures of the babies almost weekly as well as give updates on their progress. When it was time to pick up our baby girl she also provided us with a booklet that contained our puppies pedigree as well as some helpful tips for our new bundle of joy. Our little girl is now 5 months old and is an absolute joy! She has been very easy to train, we joke that she practically trained herself! She has been 100% house trained since about 4 months! Crate training has been a cinche as well. She is also very gentle and well tempered when it comes to playing and dealing with our 2 and 3 year old sons. Her patience with them is unbelievable and when she has had enough of playing with the boys she comes to my husband or myself instead of getting upset with her brothers. I would absolutely recommend Chris and her pups to anyone looking to add to their family, we will definately be returning in the near future to get our Khloe a baby.
Mark & Angela - Dekalb, IL

When we made the decision to find our next family member, I called every breeder within a 6 -hour drive of my house, and also several from out of the area. They were all extremely expensive, and a little too pushy about how fantastic their pups were. Iron Hill Retrievers was different from the beginning. Chris was friendly, not over-pushy, and extremely helpful. She asked us what we wanted in a dog, and then told us how her dogs fit that mold. We felt comfortable with her immediately, and just knew that she wanted our family happy with our choice, even if it wasn’t with her. Chris didn’t belittle other breeders, and in fact, encouraged us to call and visit as many as possible. She also questioned us about our knowledge, making sure we understood what a big decision this was. Actually, at one point, it seemed she was talking us out of buying a puppy! In reality, she loves each and every animal and cares so much about their well-being; she doesn’t want a single pup misplaced. She stands behind her litters, and is available with just a phone call if you ever have questions or concerns. The paperwork is easy and her contract is clear. There are no surprises, or unnecessary steps. My “puppy” is now 10 months old, and nearly 70 pounds! We have owned several labs in our life, and Tucker, by far, has been the easiest to train and the most responsive. He is laid back, almost lazy at times. He is gentle and well natured; in fact, his best friend is my 5 year old! He has been a wonderful addition to our family. We are always given compliments not only on how gorgeous he is, but how well behaved he is. He is very intelligent which has made training a breeze. We look forward to a lifelong relationship with Iron Hill Retrievers and know we will purchase from Chris again in the future, when life takes us that way! The BEST labs really are Iron Hill Labs!


Christel Philipp New Liberty, IA.



Cami & Dunbar girl
Cami & Dunbar girl

 Hi Chris!

I wanted to take a minute to send a couple of pictures of Sammi, and to tell you how extremely happy we are to have her! She is a very smart girl, we knew that right away after bringing her home. She crate trained and potty trained so easily! Never one accident in her crate!!! She loves to go for car rides, loves to play frisbee, and loves our walks. She is such a great companion, and is so friendly and sociable! She never meets a stranger! Our vet is extremely impressed with her stating she is so well mannered and calm for her age. He was also very happy to hear that Sammi's breeder cared enough about her to have her parent's tested for hip and eye certifications.
Sammi has sailed through her puppy obedience classes, as well as basic obedience. We are currently enrolled in an advanced obedience class where our goal is to become a certified therapy dog. She thoroughly loves people and other dogs as well, so she should excel with her goal. I will keep you posted as she progresses.
I also want to thank you, Chris, for guiding us to the right pup. You took time to meet with us and find out exactly what we wanted in personality and temperment......and it has been a perfect fit! The love you put into the entire process from beginning to finish is so obvious in the results produced! Thank you for all you are doing at Iron Hill Retrievers!

Kris & Dwayne Bettendorf , IA.


 Congrats Kris & Sammi she received her CGC at 7months,  trained by QC CAN (Quad Cities Canine Assistance Network), Hillary Plog

Kali & Hunter girl
Kali & Hunter girl
In only 4 short days, our Labrador puppy from Iron Hill has changed our lives!

At only 10 weeks, Pepper is sleeping through the night and is 90% potty trained. She has even started "ringing the bell" to let us know she needs to go potty.  Although we just love her because she is well-tempered and so cute, our vet has told us that she is well bred and will be easy to train.  

Pepper is really the icing on the cake of such a wonderful experience with Chris from Iron Hill. We first spoke to her 6 months ago and she held our hand the whole way: picking the right litter, letting us know when the dame was bred and pregnant, sending pictures weekly when Pepper was born and now calling frequently to give advice on the transition to our home.  Chris' expertise, patience, warm spirit and true love of her dogs is outstanding.   In all sincerity, I cannot say enough about Iron Hill. We will never get a dog any where else!
Heather & Anthony Weston, CT


Diesel & his Daddy, almost a year old!!!
Diesel & his Daddy, almost a year old!!!

Diesel is just the best darn puppy I could ever imagine. Besides having an absolutely adorable puppy face, his overall physical appearance make him look very healthy. He is going to be a big boy! We had him checked out at the vet once we got him home and they all said Diesel was not to mention perfectly healthy but such a good looking dog too. They could already tell at 8 weeks! His yellow coat with cream accents is just icing on the cake, I can't imagine him being any more perfect. He is such a perky and explorative little puppy, you can almost see his intelligence in his eyes. He loves to play, but loves his water bowl and a good nap the most. He is the best cuddle buddy and has such a sweet and loving temperament. We are working on basic commands and potty training and he learns very quickly. I am so grateful we found Ironhill Retriever's website when puppy shopping earlier this year. There are so many breeders out there with a basic website template, but Chris's was so informative that it helped me know I was choosing the best. I could tell she is in the business because she has a passion for her dogs, as well as breed integrity to make sure their mind and body are just perfect. Backyard breeders could have been cheaper or closer to home, but I wanted to make sure our dog would be healthy and calm. My husband and I drove over 6 hours to pick up Diesel, and I'm so glad we did! So thank you Chris, we love Diesel so much!
Randi and Justin Shirley , IA.

Nydia & Dunbar boy
Nydia & Dunbar boy

Bella & Copy girl
Bella & Copy girl

Luna is a fun-loving, mild-mannered, warm fuzzy addition to our family. She was easy to train, loves long walks(eating everything along the way) and plays great with the grand kids. She's just everything you would ask for in a pet. We get so many compliments on her good looks and her pleasant personality. Thanks Bella and thank you Christina.

from Joe and Joan McGrade, Indiana

We couldn’t be happier with our new puppy, Arabica, from Iron Hill Retrievers. We decided on an English style Labrador and began searching for a breeder. Iron Hill Retrievers came highly recommended from a family member, and we included them in our search. We were impressed with Iron Hill retrievers from the start. Chris obviously cares very much for her dogs/pups and was very helpful with our many questions. She runs the business out of her farm house, and the dogs are very well raised.


The genetics on our dog are fantastic. Our vet has consistently commented on the quality of our Labrador. Within the first 3 days, she was starting to sit, stay, lie down, and return on command. Because of Chris’s early work, she immediately took to her crate. By the end of the first week, she was sleeping through the night. She is a great pup and gets along well with other dogs and little children.


Thanks again Chris, we are looking forward to many fun adventures with her.

Marc, Megan, and the “Rabs”

Riverside, IL

Super experience with Iron Hill Retrievers. Breeder keeps you informed every step of the way with the progress of the litter. Easy to work with and most importantly a super Puppy!

Tony Kurtz, Prairie du Chien, WI.

Hi Chris,


Let Me start off with a great big, "Thank You!!!" Our black lab puppy is awesome!!!


Macungie, who is named after the town where they build Mack Trucks, is awesome.


The entire experience with you has been just phenomenal. We started off in February looking for a black lab male puppy that would be ready to come home in early April. We are from Massachusetts and there was not a black lab male to be found. We heard about your litter from a breeder here who you used for a stud. We were concerned with not being able to see the puppy or check out your facility. From the very first phone call with you we knew that we wanted one of your puppies! Just by talking to you over the phone we knew you really care about your puppies and are as conscious as anyone can be. Very week you sent us updated pictures of our precious pup, it was like being there to see him in person. We fell in love with him online! We planned to have him shipped, and were a little apprehensive about it, and then it worked out that you were coming East with other puppies, how lucky for us!


From the moment we saw him in person our lives have changed for the better! We are Empty Nesters and Macungie has filled a void for us! He isn't just adorable either, he is a quick learner and very social, Thanks to the way he was raised by you and your family! All the puppies born into your kennel and the families who adopt them are incredibly lucky!!!


Macungie had his first trip to the beach the other day and he loved it! In true lab fashion we couldn't keep him out of the water! You and Macungie are true treasures!!!


Fondly, Pam and Richard Patterson, from Scituate,Massachusetts




Jack and I are doing great! You will never know the gift you have given me and that I can not thank you enough for.  I came across your web site the other day, and I honestly think it was heaven sent. Watching the funny things Jack does makes me smile, He brings so much pleasure and joy into my life and most of all he gives me a sense of security and worthiness. He is so much more to me than just a pet. Jack is my best friend, I know as he gets older and as we work as a team he will make sure I am safe and now that he is a part of me, I could never imagine my life without him.
Thank you so much.
He is the best!!!!!

Rhonda, Illinois

Jack will be a Service dog for her..........

Skye at 6 months
Skye at 6 months

Dear Chris and the Iron Hill Retriever team,

I just wanted to let you know I took Skye pheasant hunting on the 27th and she did a phenominal job. She kept up with the other dogs all day long, didn't want to play around with them she was all business. She still was not sure why she was there at first but by the end of the day she had figured it out. 

The very last bird of the day she found and flushed all by herself. As soon as I get the pitures from one of the guys I will send you one to put on your website. She is an amazing dog and exactly what I was looking for, for my family and my hunting companion. 

Thanks again!!

Richard Shook , IA

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Jill & me at Puppy Jake Fundraiser event.

Welcome to Iron Hill Retrievers!

Iron Hill Retrievers is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Eastern Iowa, close to Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We are a small breeder of English Type Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Breeding quality Labs in black, chocolate and yellow, ranging from light cream to fox red.  Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and care. 


At Iron Hill Retrievers, both our Labradors and our Goldens typically have a lovely strong head, a wide back skull and thick muzzle, well angulated shoulders and rears. Our Golden Retrievers are from European lines.

Most importantly, Iron Hill Retrievers possess true temperaments, very laid-back and gentle in the home, but love the outdoors and the opportunity to hunt if required. All breeding dogs have health clearances before being breed. Our Labs and Goldens have some of the best pedigrees in the Midwest.

Iron Hill Retrievers are members of our family and embraced by all the comforts of our home and family. Home of the "Heavenly Puppies"......

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

Closed on Saturdays & Sundays!

Christina   563-212-9609





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