Golden Testimonials

Samson a Harry & Sophie boy

I called Chris in July of last summer. We had lost two dogs in just over a year and we weren’t sure we were ready to have another dog in our family just yet. When no one answered I didn’t leave a message and hung up, thankfully Chris called back. I told her our story and a great friendship was born. Chris is far more than a breeder. Her dogs are part of her family much like ours. Carolyn and I went to her home and met Sophie and Harry before the puppies were born. We visited again when the puppies were six weeks old and finally on that wonderful day when Samson came home with us.
Chris communicated regularly along the way. I remember especially the night the puppies were born getting a text at 1 A.M. and several more throughout the night. I loved it, and would expect no less from Chris.
Before we took possession of Samson Chris called, sent pictures and provided for the litter in the most professional manner one could hope for. I really had no idea when I made that call back in July what we were getting in to but I’m so grateful Chris called back. Samson has been a true blessing in our lives. He’s a sweet sweet boy with a gentle temperament.

Thank You Chris, you have our highest recommendation.

Todd & Carolyn Mitchell, Iowa



Luna a Harry & Sophie girl

Chris, owner of Iron Hill Retrievers, has made the experience of bringing a new Golden Retriever into our lives very special and successful.  We are so lucky that we found Chris after looking for months for a breeder that we felt we could trust and who loved her dogs, and their litters, as much as we would love our new puppy.  Chris listened closely to our story about our environment and the other dogs/cat in our family, and she then team us up with a litter that was a great fit for us. We were able to meet Sophie and Harry (Dam and Sire) before our litter was conceived. We also had the opportunity to meet Chris and see her in action with other litters before Sophie was expecting. Chris kept us up-to-date all the way through the pregnancy, and those first six week before we were able to meet Lunabelle in person. Great pictures and impressions from Chris handling each of the puppies each day. When we picked up Lunabelle, Chris had already begun the process of crate training and manors training. Lunabelle is a great addition to our family, as you can see from this picture.  If you are looking for a breeder who loves and respects her dogs, I would definitely recommend Chris at Iron Hills Retrievers.  Thank you so much, Chris!

Rod & Jo Lewis family in Arizona

Jilly watching a movie!!!
Jilly watching a movie!!!

 My dog of 17 years, died 6 years ago and I never thought any dog could replace Rascal. I contacted Iron Hill Retrievers just for fun after I looked at the pictures on her site. Two days later, my nephew and I were on our way to visit the puppies. I carried purple ribbon girl upstairs and played with all the beautiful dogs.The rest is history! Purple ribbon became my Jilly.
I have 5 grandchildren from 7 years down to 1 month, Jilly is their best friend. She is so kind and gentle, running and playing with them inside and out.
Jilly has her CGC certificate and is also a therapy dog. Chris referred me to Hillary Plog and Quad Cities Canine Assistance Network. Myoldest granddaughter helps with Jilly and offers a diversion for other dogs in class, many of them Iron Hill dogs! Together, Jilly and I have met wonderful people and have a new direction as we start our visits as members of a therapy dog team.
My veterinarian was very impressed with Jilly's health and personality.This is a total reflection on Chris and how well she cares for and loves all the dogs and owners! Thank you, once again, for taking such wonderful care of Jilly for her first 8 weeks and answering questions about puppies long after I brought her home.

Susan Medd Priest


Congrats to Susan for taking Jilly to training!

Maggie is one year old today, January 21st 2013. The picture of her in the waterfall was taken when she was about 6 months old. She is turning into a beautiful, calm and very affectionate young Golden Retriever and is a wonderful family dog. Our 5 year old black lab, Kayleigh adopted her immediately and has been extremely good with her. They are the best of friends!

We got Maggie from Iron Hill Retrievers just north of Maquoketa, Iowa. Christina, was extremely friendly and helpful when we were searching for our puppy. She is obviously very passionate about her breeding. The puppies were very well cared for in a clean, organized and loving environment. We had such a great experience that we recommended her to a friend who was quickly enticed to get a beautiful yellow lab from Iron Hill.
We hope to train Maggie as a therapy dog, she has just the perfect temperament and loves people (almost as much as she loves tennis balls!) My hope is one day to take her into schools and libraries to help children with their reading.
Caroline Hughes Eldrige, Iowa

When my husband and I started our search for a new puppy and found Chris, we initially were "just looking". But with meeting Chris and her wonderful retrievers and labs, so we were sold instantly.

Not only is Chris one of the warmest and friendliest people I have met, her home was spotlessly clean! We know we made the right choice because all of her dogs were beautiful, sweet and loving. And the puppies...absolutely perfect!

So, of course, we fell in love with our baby and a couple weeks later he was brought to us and we have been thrilled with him ever since! Our puppy's name is Venn, Norwegian for "friend", and he is in process of being trained as a therapy dog. He is bright, happy, healthy and extremely sweet-tempered. He is progressing well with his training. His potty training was virtually effortless with crate training. He socializes well with other dogs, people and LOVES kids. We couldn't ask for better! And, if we do think about getting another, I would not hesitate to buy from Iron Hill Retrievers again!

Thanks, Chris, for all you do!


Jessica and Dave Massey Charlotte, NC.


Venn will be working towards getting his Therapy Certificate for their clinic.

Chris - I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was when I came out to your place. It was so clean, and the dogs were beautiful, but most of all it was so apparent that you loved all your dogs and wanted good homes for each and every one of them. Even though I had second pick oft he litter, it could have been last pick because all that puppies were so lovable. It was so nice to get the frequent updates on the puppies and the pictures were so cute. I can't say enough about how happy I am with my puppy, Taffy. She is so smart, and cute, and lovable and she loves everyone. She is the official greeter when anyone comes to visit and everyone just can't believe how friendly and playful (without being rough) Taffy is. She has a very gentle mouth and has never bites hard. She loves to go outside and when the leaves were falling she chases them all over the yard. She is almost 3 months old now and growing fast, I can tell that she is going to be a beautiful, caring, wonderful companion. My grandson is looking forward to training and showing her at the fair and I am sure she will do very well. She has a very good disposition for obedience training. I am so happy that I bought my pup at Iron Hill Retrievers, I don't think there is a better place to get a puppy!

Lynn Carlton, IL.
Taffy will be a 4H project!

My family and I fell in love with Golden Retrievers several years ago with our first one, Daisy. They are such sweet, smart dogs! Soon after we added another--Dug. After we moved into a farm with acreage we decided to add a new baby (a Golden baby) to our family. I am a nurse and one of my patients told me about the puppy that she got from Iron Hill and what a great experience it was so I contacted Chris while Lilly was pregnant. It was great because she kept us in touch with frequent e-mails about how Lilly was doing and after the puppies were born we got to watch them grow because she sent out pictures of them often so we felt like we were there with them. We had a good experience with Iron Hill Retrievers and our new baby Minnie is a sweetheart--we get compliments everywhere we go with her, she's gorgeous


Jennifer Kolwey Durant, Iowa

In February my husband and I lost our 10yr old Golden Retriever Sarah to cancer. A few months later my husband was looking in the paper and happened upon a listing for Golden Retrievers for sale in Maquokata. He called, Chris answered, and the rest is history!

The goldens were very light/white- which we liked, and had mild-mannered temperments- another plus. We made the drive from Davenport to Maquoketa to visit the litter of Golden pups and meet Chris. While it was too soon after Sarah's death for us to take home a puppy that day, we did walk away extremely impressed with Chris, her dogs, and her home environment. We stayed in touch with Chris and eventually decided to take a puppy from the next breeding. Chris kept us informed of everything from the conception date, to birth date, to just born through 8 weeks weekly photos. Finally the day came to bring home our puppy- Emma Alexandria. When I arrived I still was a little unsure if I was doing the right thing- was it too soon?, could I love another dog as much?, can I handle puppy training?, etc. Well, I walked in the door and the minute she saw me Emma ran straight into my arms! I was in LOVE, and all fears faded away! She is a real gem. She is loving, super smart, calm(for a puppy), very light in color, and beautiful- all qualities I told Chris I was looking for in a Golden. She has caught on fast to all training. In fact, one day I said 'Sit, Emma" and she sat right down, hmm, I thought, she is REALLy smart. But it turns out it was Chris- she had taught Emma to sit before a meal and before the door to go outside. That's the thing, Chris cares about her dogs, the correct breeding practises, and her clients. I think my friend who was with me the day I picked Emma up said it best, "Boy Juli, you sure picked a great place to get a puppy"! That is the truth!! Thank you Chris- you have brought joy to our lives again.


Ron & Jili, Davenport, Iowa


I am a service dog trainer and the president of Viking Pups club, Tucker (and his brother Oden) are service dogs in training with our group.  Tucker is one of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever gotten to work with.  I love him so much, I couldn’t even pick just one picutre to include.  

It took less than a week for him to win the heart of every member of my family.  We put down our dog this year for health reasons and decided that we were not at a stage to get another full time dog.  My sister keeps hoping this decision will change and asked my mom, “Doesn’t Tucker make you want another dog?”  To which my mom responded, “Nope, but he does make me want him.”  He is the most loving dog, he always wants to be by you, at least within eye sight if not in the same room, and likes to cuddle whenever he can.  He always runs to greet anyone who comes in the home and wants to be pet and cuddle, which is the best thing to come home to after a long day.  He is also really unique; he has silly quirks that make him such a character and even more lovable.  Additionally, Tucker always wants to please people; he tries to be a good boy which makes him highly motivated to train and which helps him learn quickly!!

Not only is he precious with his personality, but he is beautiful.  I have never taken him out in public without being stopped at least twice to be told how cute, adorable, beautiful, etc he is.  He always sits very pretty when he is being complimented which makes more people want to compliment him and ask me all about him and service dogs.  His face is absolutely gorgeous and with his darker mouth, he always looks like he is smiling.  

Beyond just Tucker, there is not enough good things I could say about Iron Hill Retrievers.  The dogs are all raised in a loving household where they actually get to live in the house with the family as well as play outside.  They are also raised in a “pack” with other loving sweet dogs, which helps them learn their amazing temperament.  Tucker and Oden are currently service dogs in training with us and multiple other Iron Hill Retriveres are therapy dogs with our group as well; this atests so well to the amazing temperament and training ability of these dogs.  I constantly find myself telling people about Iron Hill, because if you want a retriever who is gorgeous, smart, loving, and well behaved, there is no better place to go than Iron Hill Retrievers!


Mary Kiolbasa


Tucker was trained by QC CAN (Quad Cities Canine Assistance Network) and the Augustana Viking Pups program to be a facility "therapy" dog at Jefferson Elementary in Clinton, Iowa.


It has been a wonderful six months since we first contacted you about an English Cream Golden Retriever. We knew from our first contact that we wanted one of your beautiful Goldens.. We anxiously awaited news for the pregnancy and then the birth. You were so gracious to keep us informed every step of the way and showing us pictures every week. We felt like we were truly part of the first few weeks.

We had no idea when we boarded the plane in Atlanta to fly to Cedar Rapids how exciting our day was going to be. We loved the drive to Maquoketa and especially meeting you in your home. We were overcome with joy when we first lay eyes on Dallas, he was such a cute little boy. His first day with us was a car ride to O'hare in Chicago, a night in a hotel, then his first plane ride to Atlanta. He was well behaved from the very minute we met him. He was met at our home by our kids and half the neighborhood, he loved all the attention and had a fantastic home coming.

Our Dallas has made a very positive impact on Renee and I, as well as our five kids. He does everything with us and adjusts to all kinds of environments, a true testament to the outstanding breeding at Iron Hills. From the boat, the beach, or just taking a walk he is an absolute joy for us. We can never thank you enough.

We look forward to many years of happiness with Dallas. I will be sure to keep you informed of his progress and of course, I will be sending photos.

David and Renee Garner Buford, Georgia

Hi Chris,

I wanted to tell you that my sister and I are in love with Chloe; Haley was in love with her the day we brought her home.  They absolutely adore each other, as you can see by the picture. Haley was so lonely when we lost Lexie and Chloe has filled an empty spot in all of our hearts and brought so much joy.  Chloe and Haley have such wonderful, loving personalities which is a testament to the love you give to your puppies and their parents.  You are an outstanding breeder, it is such a pleasure knowing you and we would highly recommend you to others. Thank you for being a part of our lives and for all that you do.

Melissa Witt Quad Cities


I still am amazed on how we found our Wrigley. We recently lost an 8 year old Golden to cancer. Our family mourned many days as he was a member of our family. I shared one Saturday with our mail lady that Shadow was gone the next thing you know we have a voice mail on our message machine suggesting Iron Hill Retrievers. One of people around the block from us, on my mail lady’s route has a retired mother named Molly. Our mail lady raved about Molly and said that Chris (Iron Hill) had recent puppies and we should check them out. We were going to take time on deciding whether to get a new dog but thought what the heck let’s check the website. My husband called Chris and instantly knew that this was a great breeder. Sunday evening we were on our way to Maquoketa, Sunday night we were investing in our little bundle of joy. We were so impressed with the breeding, the grounds, and the beautiful dogs. Chris you do an unbelievable job and you truly should be commended. Within a few weeks we picked up Wrigley and within that week the little guy was bell trained. He has been a wonderful addition to our home. He is the most loving, curious, funny little ball of fur; we could have never picked out one better! When we take walks people stop, he prances down the street like he’s been around for years. He loves people, we’ve taken him to the groomers and he plays very well with the other dogs. I have told many about Iron Hill Retrievers and will continue to do so! Thank you Chris!


Tim and Julie of the "Quad Cities"


Chris - I wanted to take some time to let you know how thankful we are to have Zoe as the newest member of our family! After we lost our 6 year old Golden last March to cancer, we did not plan to get a puppy as we did not know how our 9 year old Golden would react since Ginger and Honey were inseparable. It wasn't until our family friend Ellen told us about you and we met your dog Molly that we knew it was time to talk about a puppy. When I called and talked to you about available puppies, that definitely made up my mind. You were so helpful and understanding and answered all of my questions. I loved getting the weekly updates when the puppies were born until we got to bring Zoe home. Since she has been with us (for 5 weeks now), Zoe has fit in perfectly with our family and our dog Ginger. She has such a wonderful personality and absolutely loves the kids (ages 9 and 12). She is very sweet and inquisitive and can already sit for a treat. It is easy to tell that she comes from an exceptional line of Golden Retrievers as she is very intelligent. She has an easy-going temperament and she behaves very well when we have company. She has been great for Ginger, and she has figured out how to play tug-of-war with her already! I also want to thank you for all of your advice and information both before and after we brought Zoe home. I consider you both a professional and exceptional breeder and also a friend as I have really enjoyed getting to know you through this process and know you take pride in making sure all of your dogs are placed with people who will love and take care of them the same way you would. You have made this transition very easy for our family and for Zoe and we appreciate it very much!


Thank you again!!!


The Estes Family (Scott, Laura, Faith, Bryant, Ginger and Zoe)

"Quad Cities "

I have written this four times, but the bottom line is that you are a responsible breeder who loves her dogs and puppies.  Because you take such good care of them we have a healthy, smart, and loving puppy. At Carson's first vet visit, everyone was asking what kind of dog is he? They were surprised at how well behaved he is, our vet is in love with him and says he is perfect. 
When we lost our Golden Annie to cancer we were heartbroken, but you and Carson have done a lot to fix those broken hearts.
His new family loves him already, and he is loving them right back. The little dogs are getting use to him, Baili mothers him and Rex is teaching him the ropes
Randy and I want to thank you again, for all your understanding that first day we came to see you. 
We tell everyone where Carson came from and how to find your website, I know a lot of our friends have visited it. 
We will keep in touch with you and send you lots of pics on facebook!!!!  
Deb and Randy Roe
Clinton, Iowa
Deb took Carson to classes in her area to achieve his CGC Certification!!! Good job Deb and Carson!!!!!



When I lost Murphy I was devastated. I thank my lucky stars that you were there with another puppy for me. Charlie has helped fill the gap in my life left by Murphy. Charlie is an amazing puppy. He is doing very well with potty training. At 10 weeks he already goes to the door to be let out. He is a very inquisitive puppy. I am still amazed when he sits and watches TV. He is a very loving puppy but also has his "wild" times. There are times when I just sit and watch him play with his toys. He has already learned to sit and we are working on the "shake command". He will do it at times but he gets too excited and then just wants his treat. He enjoys going to work with me and loves seeing the people who come there. He has the whole shop to explore and he has a great time doing it. Of course, being in a shop he gets really dirty. Good thing that he likes taking baths. I call him the dirt magnet. His vet says that he is a healthy puppy and I plan on taking him to puppy school so that he will get socialized with other puppies. To sum it all up, Charlie is just awesome and I can't imagine my life without him. I want to thank you for breeding such good puppies. Keep up the good work.


Jan Campbell Quad Cities

Berkley, who is just over three months now, has been the best addition to our family we could have ever asked for. Berkley did such a great job adapting to his new home even after all the unconditional attention Chris provided before we took him home. Each time we went to see Berkley or discuss his arrival with Chris, there was never a doubt in our minds that he was coming from an excellent breeder. We have never met another breeder that takes such pride in the dogs she breeds. Whether it be sending updated pictures weekly, recommending the best puppy products, or providing important health information in a neatly organized booklet, Chris was always on top of things when it came to what's best for her dogs. We have enjoyed every second spent with Berkley and he shows progress every day. He does an excellent job of interacting with anyone he meets; adults, kids, and other animals! We would be more than willing to refer anyone interested in a puppy from Iron Hill Retrievers!

Kim Warner Quad Cities


Our puppy from Iron Hill Retrievers is now 8 months old. I wanted to wait to write up a testimonial for Chris until I could provide insight to prospective new owners on what type of dog they would be getting. As a previous golden retriever owner I knew how cute and irresistible golden retriever puppies are, but they are only “little” for a short time. It is so important to know the temperament and disposition to expect when they are adults. We found out about Iron Hill Retrievers thru an ad in the Quad City Times early last summer. Our older golden was soon to be 12 years old and were looking to get a new pup so “Rusty” could teach him the ropes, and maybe put a little extra kick in Rusty’s step. When I talked to Chris on the phone I could tell she was a reputable breeder, really caring about the puppies and making sure they went to good homes. We put a down a deposit on a dark male and then anxiously waited for the litter to be born. Chris kept us informed of the pending due date and delivery, sent us photos of the adorable little puppies once they were born, and continued to keep us updated once we chose our special guy until we brought him home in late August 2010.


Brady has been a wonderful addition to our family of 5. My children are 18, 11, and 9 and have a great time with him and he with them. He has bonded well with our older golden and given him more energy. Both are outside dogs, enjoying a very large kennel. Brady absolutely loves the snow and playing fetch. The video is him retrieving a ball for my husband. You notice he does veer over to see me once he got the ball, but quickly returns to the one who originally threw the ball. It is never a tug of war with the ball or frisbee, Brady just drops the item at your feet, ready to go again and again. He is very agile in his movements and loves to run. We have woods on our property and often take him on walks, and because of our location we are able to do this without a leash with no worries of him running off. He always stays close by and if he does run ahead he always turns to see where we are and waits for us to catch up. I would not do this in a residential area or near a street – however, without those distractions he is completely fine not being on a leash. He also loves the water. We have a small creek and he has an absolute blast tromping thru it and retrieving his throw toys. I believe he would be a good hunting dog (we don’t hunt) because if his toy does get stuck in a tree he sits and looks at it, and if you don’t come help him out, he’ll come get you and show you where it is. He rarely barks, except if a stranger walks up the drive. Brady has a wonderful personality is very calm, the vet even commented on how clam he was at appointments at a young age. Not sure of his exact weight but guessing around 70 lbs, he was the biggest puppy of the litter. We also feed both dogs the Taste of Wild dog food Chris recommended and have been very satisfied with Brady’s growth and coat. He is a beautiful dog.


I highly recommend Iron Hill Retrievers; we couldn’t ask for a better addition to our family.

Lori Jansen, East Moline, IL.


Brady fetching


Hi Chris, 

My experience getting Bailey was more than I could have ever asked for, from my first phone call to picking her up. All my questions that I needed to know and I learned so much more about my new addition. Bailey is amazing. She is just a little over 3 months and can already sit, shake, lay down, roll over and speak. She is pretty much poddy trained but she does have a few accidents. She is also very lovable. She loves to be close to you no matter what your doing, she likes to help clean up her accidents with you by laying on your back!. hehe. My yard is not fenced in and she knows to stay in the yard although she has tried to go visit our neighbors, you just tell her no Bailey and she comes right back to you!

- Cassie & Nate, Quad City area

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Jill & me at Puppy Jake Fundraiser event.

Welcome to Iron Hill Retrievers!

Iron Hill Retrievers is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Eastern Iowa, close to Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We are a small breeder of English Type Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Breeding quality Labs in black, chocolate and yellow, ranging from light cream to fox red.  Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and care. 


At Iron Hill Retrievers, both our Labradors and our Goldens typically have a lovely strong head, a wide back skull and thick muzzle, well angulated shoulders and rears. Our Golden Retrievers are from European lines.

Most importantly, Iron Hill Retrievers possess true temperaments, very laid-back and gentle in the home, but love the outdoors and the opportunity to hunt if required. All breeding dogs have health clearances before being breed. Our Labs and Goldens have some of the best pedigrees in the Midwest.

Iron Hill Retrievers are members of our family and embraced by all the comforts of our home and family. Home of the "Heavenly Puppies"......

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

Closed on Saturdays & Sundays!

Christina   563-212-9609





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